Operations Evaluations

Your organization can probably benefit from a thorough evaluation of daily operations.

Your organization can probably benefit from a thorough evaluation of daily operations, including a review of the size and scope of your organization, the structure of your resident care team, the quality of the services being delivered, and your financials. Pivotal’s extensive background in health care facility management is your assurance that we know how to maximize your return on investment, improve employee and resident satisfaction and, if needed, spearhead a complete turnaround of your facility.

Management and staff positions, from the top manager down to the nurse’s aide and custodian, will be evaluated to identify any inefficiencies and redundancies while ensuring effective delivery of resident and family services. Resident care and service protocols will be studied to improve communications, work flows and outcomes. We establish benchmarks for evaluating employee performance in order to improve overall service quality.

A full financial analysis can pinpoint balance sheet strengths and weaknesses, identify organizational threats and opportunities, and isolate sources of financial performance issues. Those sources might include cost of labor and overhead, supply chain management, underperforming managers, debt structure, accounts receivable aging, inventory, and more.

A comprehensive operations evaluation by Pivotal will set the stage for fast, quantifiable results that will protect your facility investment, enhance your reputation in the community and within the long-term care industry, and help you achieve your business goals.