Our Team

Scott Gulledge
CEO/Managing Partner

Scott Gulledge, Overland Park, Kansas — Scott Gulledge has been involved in the operations of healthcare facilities for 37+ years; it has been his primary focus since graduating from college. Scott is currently the CEO and Managing Partner of Pivotal Health Care, which manages the properties development by Scenic Development. Scott oversees the operations of all of the projects that are under Pivotal Health Care’s management or consulting relationships. His responsibilities include (but not limited to) contract negotiations, risk management, insurance, vendor management, and state and federal regulation compliance. Before Pivotal Health Care, Scott was the Chief Operations Officer of the Tutera Group for 19 years, where he oversaw the operations of 50–70 facilities on average at any given time. He has operated in as many as 20 states during his tenure. Scott is a former member of the St. Luke’s South (Overland Park, KS) President’s Advisory Board, Illinois Health Care Association President’s Advisory Board, eight years as a Leawood, Kansas Councilman, and past Board member of Marillac and Cornerstone. He currently is a Board Member for the Iowa Health Care Association, Pastor Serve and is the Elder Chair for Christ Community Church.

Gib Wood

Gib Wood has been an owner of Scenic Living Communities and Scenic Development, LLC, in Iowa Falls, Iowa, since 1977 and currently serves on its board of directors. Wood is also CEO of Scenic Development, LLC, in Overland Park, Kansas, where he oversees project development, including land acquisition, design, and construction.

Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson is President of the board of directors and is the original owner of Scenic Living Communities in Iowa Falls. In addition, Wayne is a part owner of Poky Feeders, Inc. in Scott City, Kansas, a 75,000-head cattle feedlot, and shares a partnership with his son, Allen, who farms 3,000 acres of land. Wayne is the founder of the MARS Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.